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Welcome to Emmis SkillBase Interior and Exterior Decoration Services

Emmis SkillBase designs, creates and delivers beautiful interiors and exteriors for all environments, including investment property, private clients and show-homes. We offer a comprehensive range of services and products combined with our total commitment to the clients. We have a continuous and proven track record of successfully managing projects of all sizes.

Decoration is the art of decorating a residential home or commercial business according to a client's personal preferences and style. It includes selecting colour schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork and accessories. It transforms an area into an aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly design.

At Emmis SkillBase, our decorating styles include:


Costal is the perfect style for those who want to bring the beach and ocean into their daily lives. It incorporates colour schemes of white,blue,green and orange. Accessories include framed ocean reefs, sea shells, wood elements and relaxing atmosphere.


Modern design is a sleek style that highlights simplicity. We utilize white, gray and black as main colour schemes. Designs are clean and non-cluttered. Straight and bold lines are preferred. Natural accessory elements and materials utilized, such as wood frames, metal decor and furniture.


Contemporary is a softer variation of modern design. It is often confused with modern because it also features a clean appearance with straight lines. It allows for bold, soft, and neutral colours. Contemporary is different from modern decoration because its style is always changing. It focuses on designs and trends of the present.

Modern Glam

Modern Glam elegantly merges Contemporary and modern styles together. Upholstered tufted chairs and ottomans adorn these spaces with luxury feeling fabrics, like velvet. Metalic furniture and accessory pieces are commonly used and paired with bright or neutral colour schemes. Soft touches are encouraged, such as white roses in a classic vase. Others features like chandeliers, large mirrors, ruffled materials, and jeweled objects add sophisticated and classy touches.


Country style highlights natural materials and rustic elements to compose an outdoor farm life environment. Red is a predominant colour with soft accent colours. Wicker baskets, pallets and white porcelain pieces are popular accessories.


If a client is a bit unsure of their style, but fond ofmultiple styles, then they may favour the eclectic look. The rules of eclectic style are undefined. The saying 'anything goes' truly works for the eclectic clients.