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Welcome to Emmis SkillBase Maintenance Services

Emmis SkillBase helps government, corporate bodies, schools, churches, groups and individuals maintain their properties, equipment and tools with the expertise of our Maintenance Team.

Irrespective of your company'strategy, or individual'preferences, whether you have maintenance management software or not, our Maintenance Team can find the most efficient and appropriate maintenance type that is most applicable to your situation at a best affordable budget.

Here at Emmis SkillBase, we use innovative solutions such as user-friendly next-gen CMMS Mobility Work where applicable. We also adopt other tailored strategies where the clients don't have this software.

By adopting the right tool and implementing a type of maintenance that fits our clients' needs, enables our clients to distinguish themselves from their competitors and to benefit from a significant competitve advantage.

Emmis SkillBase deploys different maintenance approaches depending on which one is most appropriate for our clients. The most popular of our maintenance approaches are highlighted below:

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is when maintenance is carried out by our maintenance teams before any breakdown or failure occurs. Its aim is to reduce the probability of breakdown or degradation of a piece of equipment , component, spare part or building.

In order to implement such maintenance, our maintenance teams have to take the part's or building's history into consideration and keep track of past failures.

Corrective Maintenance

We implement Corrective maintenance right after a defect has been detected on a piece of equipment, a production line or a building.

Its objective is to make the piece of equipment or building work normally again, so that it can perform its assigned function and become safe for all users.

Corrective maitenance gives our maintenance teams the possibility to perform their interventions without delay, even when they can choose whether they want to maintain the piece of equipment or building on the spot, right when a problem has been detected or later.

Predetermined Maintenance

Our maintenence teams don't rely on the equipment's state while adopting predetermined maintenance approach, but rather on the programs delivered by manufacturers. We elaborate these programs based on our knowledge of failure mechanisms as well as on MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) statistics which we observed on a piece of equipment and its various components in the past.

Condition-based Maintenance

This type of maintenance approach is particularly economical. Our maintenance teams proceed to very regular check-ups of parts and equipment as well as buildings and will only take in charge the ones that need to be replaced or repaired. This type of maintenance allows our clients to save money.

It aims to prevent failures and requires regular check-ups of the state, the efficiency, as well as other indicators of the system.