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Welcome to Emmis SkillBase Supply Services

Emmis SkillBase is a reputable name in Supply Chain Management (SCM) world. Our supply chain is a network of manufacturers, suppliers, logistics providers and other people involved in getting your product in the hands of a customer.

Our supply chain incorporates not only raw material gatherers, transportation companies and wholesale warehouse, but also tasks and functions that contribute to moving products such as quality control, marketing, procurement and sourcing.

Supply chain management is the act of supply chain professional managing in order to ensure it is operating as forceful as possible. This implies that all that all suppliers and manufacturers are maintaining the desired quality of production.

We Supply Equipment, Machinery, Instruments, Tools, Spares, Materials, Chemicals and Other Consumable Products to the Energy, Manufacturing, Power, Service and Allied Sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

We Provide Our Clients with a Totally Integrated, Systemic and Contemporary Services at the Best Affordable Costs.